The unique muslim fashion can be seen in HC, Hijjabers Community. Actually what is Hijjabers Community itself?. This community is new in our country. Hijjabers community is a bunch of muslim young girls who create one place to share everything about girls such as the muslim fashion for girls, girls problems, how to wear modern jilbab for girls and many more things about girls. This community becomes the first community that is uploading the particular thing about muslim, especially in fashion.

The unique muslim fashion is their expertise. You will see some catchy muslim fashions in this community. However, the style of their muslim fashion stands still in the right corridor in Islam. Although their fashion style is modern, but they claim that the fashion thing is not their main idea. The main idea in Hijabbers community is Al Quran’s aqeedah  and Hadits. The member of Hijabbers community comes from any kind of profession like, students, designer, doctor, etc.

Following the Unique Muslim Fashion in HC

If you are interested in the HC’s muslim fashion, it is easy to follow you know?. The main concept of the unique muslim fashion this community is just how to mix and match your own muslim fashion perfectly. To follow their fashion style, you just have to have some basic muslim fashion like blouse kaftan or blouse with long arms. Actually, the easiest way to mix and match is if you choose 2 kind of clothes, blouse and long skirt or long pants. For the long skirt and pants, you can take the basic colors for them. The basic colors like black, brown cappuccino, blue or grey. Some colors like them are appropriate to match with blouse in all light colors.

Admiring Hijabers Community style is not complete yet if you do not pay attention to jilbab and kerudung choice. Any kind of unique jilbab or kerudung is available now. For your inspiration, you can grab some styles of jilbab like pony tail jilbab, paris jilbab, pashmina jilbab, Turki jilbab and many more. if you do not know how to use those jilbabs, do not worry, you can watch some videos about it in google. In addition, you can buy a book which talks about how to wear modern jilbab. Choose which one you like to learn, from videos or books. The most important thing you should know is, the jilbab cannot be separated from the unique muslim fashion itself.

The Unique Muslim Fashion’s Price

If you think that the price of all Hijabers’ outfit is expensive, you are one hundred percent wrong. The price of them is various. You can get the HC’s outfit in high price but you can also find the low price one. The higher price is starting from 300K rupiahs and the lower price is about 70 rupiahs. Choose the outfit, which goes with your own budget. The main important thing is not the price matter, but the quality of your outfit. You can have a catchy look if you get the good quality of the unique muslim fashion.